Arindam Saha

Hi, I am Arindam Saha, working in IBM as a senior IT consultant. Photography is my chronic addiction. My favourite subjects are various aspects of mother nature such as birds and insects. My love for nature from my childhood days probably made me appreciate the beauty of nature more than anything else through the viewfinder.  I believe birds and insects are the most incredible creation of nature and it has always been a pleasure documenting them through my camera.

My first DSLR camera, a Canon 1100D which was a gift from my wife, kick started my photographic ventures. With my first digital SLR I graduated from being just another photography enthusiast to a serious photographer. Behind all these, my biggest source of inspiration and support all throughout has been my wife, who also happens to be my biggest critic and my best friend. In my short venture until now as a photographer, my photographs have made some recognitions such as these provided me with the much-needed motivation to improve my craft and educate myself more about the nuances of photography.