Santanu Roy

Pictures really speak my heart to the world. Me, Santanu is a passionate lover of creative photography. Its beyond art and imagination for me. Sometimes I create my own world and to implicate my feelings I try to click the real moments. My pictures actually portray my own way of seeing the fantasies and stories that weave within my heart. I am being an IT professional deeply believes in reality, but an amalgamation of my feelings with what I see around, offers some exquisite perspective to present. I try to travel in places which are close to our roots. At these places I look for each moment that are special and close to our deepest thoughts. Above all, I am an entrepreneur and I love to compete and share my feelings with this world. Thus, I choose this platform as a better way to show what I have got within. I want to share my vision, though my photographs, be it any category or column. Judgment is not an important part of my life, but sharing is believing for me. Thanks for reading a bit different kind of profile. Happy photography to you :)